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What People are saying

"Robin's teaching uses both technical proportions and facial planes while you learn color mixing and how light and shadows play on the face. If you want to learn to paint Robin is the best teacher I have had."  

Master Copy Class

Instructor: Robin  Williamson

When: Starts Oct 24th

Tuesday Mornings - 6 weeks

Time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Where: Sugar Land Art Center

Cost: $350 for 6 weeks 

Skill Level: All Levels

Have you ever wondered how a great painting was painted? Did you know that by studying a master work in great detail, you can deconstruct the method used to paint it, and then apply those methods to your own paintings? For hundreds of years, art students have been continuing the time-honored practice of copying master works to improve their art. Making a master copy is a challenging and fun way to gain insight into the work of an admired master while gaining new knowledge of composition, color, and paint handling. By copying the exact colors and brushstrokes of an artist, the student will stretch their own abilities and have their eyes opened to new ways of approaching a subject.


In this class, students will be given a group of paintings (or portions of larger paintings) to choose from to copy and will work from a photo the same size as their canvas. Students will trace the drawing onto their canvas so we can get right into painting. We will start with a small color study of the master work and then proceed to the full-size painting. Individual consultation prior to the class will insure that the student is ready to go on day one with the proper size canvas and hi-res reproduction of the painting.

Demos and instruction will be given at each class and then the student will be given time to paint using the acquired skills. Let’s paint together and learn some new techniques and old secrets!

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