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Current Classes 


Mastering the Canvas

October 12, 2023


Master Copy 

(6 week course)

October 24, 2023

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Live Model

(1st & 3rd Wed mornings)

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2nd Wednesdays (mornings)


What People are Saying 

"The DaVinci Art Studios is a wonderful place to learn under a very knowledgeable and patient teacher, Robin Williamson! She gives 100% while teaching. Beginner to advanced level learners will gain great insights from her.
I highly recommend!"

More Feedback 

"Robin is an amazing artist and instructor! She has the ability to translate her knowledge into very understandable information. She is able to identify students needs and provide them the tools to improve their skills. So happy to have found The DaVinci Studios!

"I wanted to learn from Robin because her portrait work is so incredible. She has taught me so much about mixing colors, painting from life, and the classical steps of creating a portrait from start to finish.  Her class has been such a blessing to me!"

"Painting a portrait is the ultimate painting skill. Robin teaches how to start a portrait and progress to the final stages where the painting comes alive. Her teaching uses both technical proportions and facial planes while you learn color mixing and how light and shadows play on the face. If you want to learn to paint, Robin is the best teacher I've ever had"

Past  Classes

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Intro to
Oil Painting

(6 week course)

Aug 22, 2023


Portrait Painting 
from Photos

(6 week course)

Aug 22, 2023

Mr. Bubble9532_PSOA.jpg

Boot Camp


May 2023


Portrait Painting
in Oils

(3-Day Workshop)

Mar 2023


Still Life

(6 weeks)

Feb 2023

The Portrait in Graphite
(6 weeks)

Jan 2023


Facial Features
Boot Camp

(1-day workshop)

Jan 2023

Portrait Painting
from a Live Model

(6 weeks)

Oct 2022

Portrait Painting

(6 weeks)

Sep 2022

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