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What People are saying

"Her teaching uses both technical proportions and facial planes while you learn color mixing and how light and shadows play on the face. If you want to learn to paint Robin is the best teacher I have had."  

Portrait Painting
in Oils
(3-day Workshop)

Instructor: Robin  Williamson

When: March 23-25 (Thurs-Sat)

Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Where: Sugar Land Art Center

Cost: $450 (includes model fee)

Skill Level: All Levels

In this three-day portrait painting workshop, you will learn how to successfully paint a portrait in oils from observing a live model. Robin will demonstrate her process from beginning to end starting with the burnt umber underpainting, to blocking in light and shadow shapes, and finally to applying full color. She will teach from the standpoint of planes of the head and shadow shapes, and show you how to obtain a likeness even from the early stages. 


Robin will demonstrate her process each morning for 2-3 hours and then students will have the chance to complete their own portrait using these techniques during the remainder of the class. She will discuss drawing the head, mixing colors for realistic flesh tones, and obtaining a likeness through shapes and proportions. Each student will receive plenty of one-on-one individual assistance and critiques from Robin so that they can take what they’ve learned into their own portrait work.

NOTE: Some experience drawing and painting from life is recommended but not required.

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