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Henry Yan

We're excited to welcome Henry Yan to DaVinci Studios.  

In this 5-day workshop, Henry will provide 3 days of charcoal drawing instruction and 2 days of oil painting instruction from live models. Henry will share his various techniques and styles in drawing human figures. He will teach with step-by-step demonstrations, using both detailed and traditional methods as well as showing fast and painterly styles. He will provide his tips and thoughts throughout.


Learn how to use different methods and techniques in drawing and painting the figure with charcoals and oils. Accurate structures and values will be emphasized in drawing practices, and how it has been used in paintings. Applications, in both drawing and painting, of line works, rendering of forms, color choices, brush work, edge control, composition, and design, will all be explained and demonstrated. Different techniques introduced in the book “Henry Yan’s Figure Drawing Techniques and Tips” will be used in drawing and painting practices. Although it is a drawing and painting workshop, students can also choose to draw for the entire time of the five-day workshop.

Date & Time

Aug 19-23, 2024 ​

9:30am to 4:30pm


Sugar Land Art Center

104 Industrial Blvd.

Sugar Land, TX 77478


$950 (includes model fees)

Henry Yan

Learn more about Henry below !


More about Henry

Henry trained in China and is now based in the USA where he has been teaching for more than twenty years at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, giving classes on figure and portrait, drawing and oil painting. He is a master draftsman whose work is characterized by attention to anatomical detail and powerful gesture. His book, "Henry Yan's Figure Drawing - Techniques and Tips." is widely used by art students and professional artists internationally. Henry is an experienced, thorough and passionate teacher. His two passions are painting and teaching.

A large number of Henry Yan's works have been collected around the world, and he's been widely invited to teach workshops in USA, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

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